Generate locations in the Imperial city

Input the number of locations desired ( maximum of 1400 each time )

Common Boxer's Compost
Celebrated Burnisher's Offset
Shadow Bell's Request
Apalling Maker's Tower Court
Itinerant Hearted Digit's Gangway
Evident Delver's Abbey
Minor Wanton Wraper's Ergtocracy
Awake Waltzer's Payment House
Defiant Oiler's Debit
Extricable Bow Bearer's Transport
Horned Coat Caravan's Reflection
Lupine Suspect's Colection
Humming Alchemist's Farce
Feuding Unhinged Handicraftsman
Collected Viscount's Plunge
Avowed skin Bearer's School
Foolish Metal Undead's Helminthologist
Exchanged Venter's Redemption
Flexible Chancellor's Denomination
Divergent Temple's Gully
Eclipsed Cunning Man's Toil
Lousy Conception's Fault
Deaf Verse Maker's Pro-proctor
Delicate Slave's Fare
Festive Coat of Arm's Bowl
Lead skin Close Alcove
Water Coward's Sesterium
Crescent Unlettered Halt
Deprived Cadet's Eld
Aisle Brownie's Lane
Metal Courtesan's Decent
Lureing Bonder's Herald
Faithful Fat Timer's Path
Common Plane Navy's Salute
Blight Bringing Company's Room
Bruising Velvet's Pleasure Ground
Green Tendriled's Food
Buoyant Enchanters Grindery
Foiled Bought and Fest
Difficult Dredge's Collation
Blue Cyst Damsel's Release
Blackened Law Gorgon's Gablet
Canceled Slave's Coup
Dumping Castellan's Guards Enlistment
Cryptonymous Plane Tree's Necropsy
Auspicious Castellan's Guards Nook
Heavy Cask Rider's Eke
Extinct Convert's Enterprise
Boiling Plane Lime's Sesterium
Fire Brick maker's Ward
Bluffing Camel's Bludgeon
Explanatory Boos Pimp's Epicrisis
Avenging Agnostic's Rend
Crow Wizard's Daftness
Exempt Chieftain's of worship
Bluffing Theologizer's Reek
Metal Minister's Tide Gate
Lame Plane Carrier's Domicile
Lynx Hobgoblin's Camp
Doubted Codex's Washer's Room
Fall Illusionist's Mouse hole
Blind Whilt Crafts Master's Beer Garden
Compelling skin Brigadier's Hall
Concurring Yeoman's Demural
Mannerless Destitute's Disposal
Bleating Ale Brewer's Caravan Stop
Fragmented Advocate's Sauf
Blind Sinker's Haugh
Assuming Cullion's Grave
Leaching Roaster's Investiture
Coffin Merman's Bribe
Twilight Scraper's Fell
Endorsed Edger's Solid
Feminine Tempest's Claim
Cabalistic Lord's Feeding Memorial
Hoofed Coat Venal Temple's Emanation
Adverse River Men's Habitation
Yellow skin Besprinkler's Towers
Water Flower Flinger's Rooms
Bathhouse Crafts Bastard's Walk
Embalming Fork's Bribe
Tempus Amber Speller's Fatidical
Booted Trench Digger's Park
Leaching Member's Money Home
Bonneted Association's Deambulatory
Hide Upper Most Decline
Sinking Convert's Feed
Chaste Slob's Abbey
Authentic Concealer's Scoto
Belled Winker's Elenchus
False Eagle's Etherial Hind
Round Bleeder's Ewer
Assuming Close Headstone
Catastrophic maker's Bribe
Faulted Carrier's Craft
Twisted Tanner's Protective Services
Leaching Church's Head gate
Firm Mana Bog Folk's Rendezvous
Extorting Clench man's Port
Assertive Troll's Feeding Redactor